Early Life

Birth and Family Background

Dr. Edward Komberg is a Ukrainian refugee who fled Odessa, Ukraine in 1972 with his parents and younger sister at the age of 13. He spoke no English and his family left all of their belongings in hopes for a better life in the United States. They immigrated to Portland, Oregon where his mother taught as a teacher, and his father worked at a factory. Many summers, in order to make money, his father and him picked berries at farms so they could support themselves more.

Dr. Edward Komberg worked diligently to provide him and his family a better life. At the age of 22, he moved to California to get his Chiropractic degree at Whittier College. After working many weekends and long hours, he was able to open up his first business in La Palma where his practice grew tremendously and was able to open up 2 more clinics. After working hard for all of these years, he mainly enjoys spending time with his wife, three kids, his parents and his extended family. He always knew that no matter how hard he worked, he would always find time to spend time with his family that he cares and loves deeply for.


Lifestyle, Hobbies and Leisure

Where ‘Caring for Our Community’ matters

When he isn’t spending time with his family and working at his practices, he enjoys the sport of Ping Pong. He was lucky to get trained in Koreatown California, where he met fellow immigrants like himself to enjoy and learn the art and sport of ping pong.

He believes that ping pong not only is good for physical and emotional exercise, but also for cognitive function and focus that keeps your brain sharp. Due to his love for the game, he had the privilege to play in Israel for the 2013 and 2017 Maccabiah games where him and his team won a bronze metal. As a practicing physician Dr. Komberg always enjoyed moving his brain and body to help gain muscle and keep a sharp mind.

Other Hobbies


Edward Komberg loves the beach. He believes there is simply no better place to let go of daily stress than on the beach.

Table Tennis

Edward Komberg believes table tennis is a lifetime exercise and a great way to get the body workout.


Edward Komberg believes surfing is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of nature, he also believes in the health benefits of surfing.

37 Years of Excellence in Medical Field

Dr. Komberg always has a motto. “It is better to learn 10% of something than 100% of nothing.”

Working with orthopedic surgeons, nurses, acupuncturists, pain management doctors and more, he felt he was able to learn a little bit of everything just from observation.  After working in the medical field for so long, he felt he was able to conquer all by carefully watching and observing for so long what each doctor did. He believes that was a large part of his success. By not only getting to personally know each doctor, but also gaining 10% of their knowledge to know every part of the medical field.

Dr. Edward Komberg has been a practicing chiropractor for 37 years. He started his first business in La Palma, California as the head chiropractor and business owner. In his life, he was able to open up 3 functioning clinics in Southern California. Dr. Komberg’s biggest accomplishment was to be able to treat over 500,000 patients in his lifetime between his three clinics dedicating his hard work and passion for care for patient care.