Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a unique laboratory-based non-profit training institute in Los Angeles California.

We offer real-world training in contemporary bioscience skills to students and early career scientists through innovative hands-on courses involving human stem cells. We also support public education and outreach and provide career guidance to students who are interested in forging bioscience careers. Located in a biotech incubator, we are one of the only industry-based educational programs for K-12 and college students, in the world.

At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we believe bioscience is an applied subject which should be taught in a professional laboratory under the guidance of experienced scientists. This kind of real-world training has profound benefits for the social, academic and technical development of students, fostering confidence and improved problem-solving abilities, while addressing the industries need for a trained laboratory workforce.


Pathways to Stem Cell Science offers professionally equipped wet-lab facilities for scientists at all stages from science fair enthusiasts to established biotech companies.  We are one of the only private sector organizations in the world with dedicated laboratory space for teaching, professional research and community science projects.  Located in Torrance California, our facilities provide a collaborative environment for promoting research innovation and training the next generation of scientists.


Our broad scientific mission is to advance stem cell science and regenerative medicine by lowering the barriers to working with stem cells. Our internal R&D program focuses on developing improved, cost-effective, labor-effective bioprocesses and technologies.

We take part in cutting-edge stem cell research, working collaboratively with industry and academic scientists from around the world. Our novel status as a non-profit CRO allows us to provide comprehensive, low-cost support to emerging companies and non-profit research organizations.

We provide a variety of custom research services including cell line development, cell line characterization, cell banking, stem cell differentiation, exosome isolation and assay development. We also provide support with planning and managing wet-lab facilities and cell culture operations.


At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we offer a unique pipeline of hands-on bioscience education programs for students at every educational stage from preschool to college. Our programs provide aspiring scientists with the motivation, real-world training, professional mentorship and career education needed to thrive in school, college and employment.

Our educational mission is to inspire, guide and prepare students for future bioscience careers. We also support work-force development and the continuing education of professional scientists through specialized industry-level training programs.


Stem Cell Science: We advance stem cell science and regenerative medicine through the provision of lab facilities, research support and education

BioTech Facilities: We offer professionally equipped wet-lab research facilities for scientists at all stages from young students to established biotech companies

Skills & Training: We provide real-world education and practical training in 21st century skills, relevant to all bioscience industries

Educational Innovation: We develop unique hands-on programs for students of all ages using stem cells as a teaching tool

Career Development: We provide the career education students need to turn their science passion into a science profession

Real-World Exposure: We exposure budding scientists to experienced science mentors, professional biotech labs and bioscience careers

Personal Development: Our programs promote the professional and interpersonal skills students need to thrive in all aspects of life

Support Youth: We inspire and equip disadvantaged students to improve their lives through advanced education and professional STEM careers

Diversity & Inclusivity: We offer educational opportunities for students of all social, racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds

Our Philanthropic Mission

Pathways to Stem Cell Science is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the educational enhancement, socioeconomic equality and career success of all students, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or personal circumstances. We inspire, guide and prepare students for a range of important careers from medicine and research to law and teaching.

Our STEM education programs transform lives by providing the critical real-world skills and experiences students need to forge successful bioscience careers. Our career education programs lower the barriers to entering a bioscience profession by informing students about the vast array of potential bioscience occupations and the logistics associated with achieving their career goals.

This support is vital for young students to gain the skills and experiences needed to pursue their chosen career path and transition out of college into paid employment in a timely and cost effective manner.

We firmly believe that all students with a genuine interest in bioscience and stem cell research should be given equal opportunities to follow their dreams and realize their professional goals.

The gifts we receive are used to fund the cost of developing and operating our essential programs and ensuring they are equally available to all students – including children from disadvantaged families who cannot afford to pay tuition. Gifted funds also support targeted outreach to neglected communities and schools that lack basic STEM education and career guidance programs.

Unlike other educational organizations, we guarantee all donations are used cost-effectively to fund essential life-changing programs – not administrative overheads. Support our philanthropic mission and enable students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to better their lives by pursuing successful bioscience careers.

Why Support Us?

At Pathways to Stem Cell Science we advance innovation in research and education, empower disadvantaged children to transcend poverty, promote the development of a diverse STEM workforce and enhance the lives of thousands of students from around the world.


Advanced bioscience careers offer stable high paying jobs and an opportunity for low-income students to break free of poverty. Your donation will be used to ensure disadvantaged students receive the STEM and career education needed to access this opportunity, transforming their lives and the lives of future generations.


Extracurricular STEM education provides the skills, inspiration, professional experiences, mentorship, real-world context, career knowledge and social preparation students need to succeed in life. Your donation will support the provision of this essential educational experience to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.


Our programs show students how to develop professional science careers, providing practical skills, contemporary knowledge and career guidance that cannot be gained in school or college. Your donation will help young students become capable adults, ready to succeed in education and employment.


We develop innovative private-sector solutions to unmet needs in research, education and career guidance, combining the quality of a university with the efficiency of a biotech company. Your donation will support unique Pre-k to college programs and biomedical research support services, setting new benchmarks for the education and research industry.


Our education programs lower the barrier to entering a bioscience profession and fulfill the biotech industry’s need for a diverse and well-trained workforce. Your donation will bolster national economic and technological competitiveness by ensuring tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and policy-makers are properly equipped to solve humanities greatest social and scientific challenges.


We support cutting-edge research and develop critical technologies that enable stem cells to be translated into future therapeutic treatments. Your donation will support our comprehensive science innovation pipeline which combines social advancement, real-world education, workforce development, biomedical research and entrepreneurial science to address critical questions in biomedical research.

Dr. Edward Komberg is a proud sponsor of Pathways to Stem Cell Science, and their efforts to educate, empower, and pioneer future and current Stem Cell Scientists.

Generosity and Kindness

Through their generosity and kindness, Dr. Edward and Edit Komberg have touched the inner city by donating scholarships for disadvantaged youth to attend the (EiHS) Stem Cell Research Internship Program. Thank you for your support!

Edit and Edward Komberg

Pathways to Stem Cell SciencePathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Pathways to Stem Cell Science